Besides the telecommunication service is Viettel can use the services of other brands?

Currently, Gamuda Gardens is using telecommunication services provided by Viettel, including telephone line, internet, cable television. However, residents can still use wireless services from other providers such as K +, VCT, An Vien…

Is it possible to change the paint outside the house because the white paint does not stay clean for a long time?

Gamuda Gardens is well-designed and color-coordinated among residential areas. Therefore, in order to maintain the overall architectural and aesthetics of the urban area, the yard is not allowed to change the color outside the house.

Can you fix the larger area?

The detailed design of the entire Gamuda Gardens has been approved by the relevant departments, so changing the design as well as changing the use of the property is not allowed. The management of the urban area will not allow the owner to repair the house as a replacement or design change, unless the landlord has obtained the certificate of approval from the department and submitted to the management of the urban area. To implement the monitoring.

The trees of the public parks are too small to cover the sun so what is Gamuda’s plan?

The entire urban greenery system is selected from rapidly growing species so these plants will grow very rapidly in the coming time, ready to bring shade to the public areas.

Commercial zones ever built?

The commercial area is gradually under construction. In short, the 15-storey THREE Central is now in operation for businesses and individuals to use since November 2014.

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